Jl.Cendana No.55 Dsn Silva Lambaroeh Desa Ulee Pata Jaya Baru Kota Banda Aceh,

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best processed fish from Aceh


with the Aroma Food Brand is company that produces food and beverages, provides a variety of processed foods that are healthy and highly nutritious, processed hygienically and uses quality selected raw materials with standard operating procedures that are correct and directed, and are always under the supervision of competent agencies in the fields of food, health and nutritions

has licensing certificates such us :

DINKES PIRT NO. 2021171010216-18

HALAL MPU ACEH NO. 14030001040216

BNSP Sanitationand Hygiene NO. 03111.31270006437.2015

Good Manufacturing Practices NO.6924/11/SKP/LN/VIII/2017

As a service to consumers . Quality is Our Recipe

address :

Jl.Cendana No.55 Dsn Silva Lambaroeh Desa Ulee Pata 
Kecamatan Jaya Baru Kota Banda Aceh, Provinsi Aceh, 23235 Indonesia

Contact Person :

Hj. Istiqomah phone : 081370003293 / Taufik Gunawan 082361141232
email : aromafood354@gmail.com

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